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Radon Testing

Testing for Radon gas is the only way to know if your family is at risk. We use Electret Ion Chamber testing devices, which has proven to be the most reliable radon testing devices on the market.

Radon Mitigation

If your house has a radon problem, it can be affordably fixed! We will design a reliable, Cost Effective, Radon Reduction System that we will personally guarantee!

Facts About Radon
Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas. Radon enters a home through cracks or openings in the foundation, slab, or sump pit. When this occurs, radon can accumulate in dangerous levels.
Radon Gas – Odorless and Invisible!
Radon Gas exposure is a serious health risk.
Radon is a Class A Human Carcinogen. The US EPA and Surgeon General estimate radon is responsible for more than 25,000 annual deaths, making it the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers
Troubleshooting and Repairs
We offer fast, reliable solutions and repairs to existing Radon Reduction Systems.